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Distinct advantage of "apartment hotel" PentStudio

Cập nhật: 30/8/2017 | 10:04:13 AM

About two years ago, tens of thousands of condotel products massively hit the market. The rapid growth of supply compared to the tourist market is the reason why international consultants are continually alerting the sustainability of condotel. Does the "hotel apartment" appear to have "occupied" the condotel at this time?

Distinct advantage of "apartment hotel" PentStudio

Challenge the condotel for the next 3 years

Condotel is a strong development in many localities that have advantages of sea tourism such as: Khanh Hoa, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Ho Tram, Ha Long ... According to Rudolf Hever, Director of Hotel Consultancy, Savills Chau Asia-Pacific, condotel supply will reach more than 17,000 units and is expected to enter the market within the next 3 years.

Research by Savills Hotels Asia-Pacific, said that the market "Second House" in Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Da Nang, Phu Quoc ... are facing great challenges. Taking into account future supply that is likely to be active in the mid to high end segment, supply will increase by nearly 30% each year over the next three years. It is expected that business activities in these markets will be more difficult in the coming years despite the growth of international tourists and domestic tourists is still quite stable.

"In order to generate revenue for the commitment, condotel must be fully operational like a hotel and deliver impressive business results. However, most projects are not well planned for the operating element and the very fierce competition in the segment causes developers to promote product promotion, as well as apply the commitment policy. Profit to attract.

Products with this commitment program are becoming more risky for buyers. This risk comes mainly from operating after completion of construction and in the case where the profit margin is higher than the cash flow, "said Rudolf Hever.

On the other hand, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Managing Director of Investment Corporation Beeland, recommends, condotel is a type of real estate with low liquidity. If customers want to invest short-term condotel, surf, raise prices quickly then this is completely wrong. Even if the condotel is 50 years old, the residual value will decrease over time if resold.

"Hotel Apartments" - Head to the market niche

Not as boisterous as the condotel, the "hotel apartment" is a niche market, targeted to those who are successful, the elite, the foreign experts ... in the big cities. This is the inheritance and development model of the serviced apartments, the five-star hotel as Somerset West Lake Hanoi, Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake ...

The difference in the first five-star hotel in Hanoi is that investors hire telecom operators and engage in sublease agreements with a 5% interest rate per annum for 10 years. The program is applied at PentStudio project, located in Dao Dao - Phu Thuong - Tay Ho area.

According to a survey by Savills Vietnam, demand for rental housing in West Lake is mainly concentrated in high-end apartments at relatively expensive prices, rents up to 79% with the lowest rent of about $ 27 / m2 / month. PentStudio, the world-class design project with the design of the Kaze brand, comes from Europe and is operated by the world-renowned 5-star manager The Ascott, which is expected to raise the bar and solving the "thirst" Bridges in the area.

It is known that PentStudio has only 90 apartments for accommodation, 231 apartments sold with a program of rental profits. Commitment to lease with a profit of 5% per year in USD will help investors completely assured about the dong depreciated annually.

On the other hand, the owner of CTX Holding also committed to repurchase products during the 10-year commitment to profit. This is a big advantage, customers do not have to worry about liquidity when the need to resell.

According to experts, the PentStudio "hotel apartment" has an advantage over the condotel due to the scarcity of supply and is permanently owned. Given the surge in condotel supply, there have been many warnings about boom and future profit margins that may be affected, "hotel apartments" are considered as an investment channel difficult to overlook with the People with idle money.


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