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5 outstanding advantages of PentStudio 'hotel apartment'

Cập nhật: 30/8/2017 | 10:33:54 AM

Owned permanently, pledging USD profits up to 5% per annum for 10 years ... are the advantages of PentStudio's 'hotel apartment'.

5 outstanding advantages of PentStudio 'hotel apartment'

At the seminar "Overview of the condotel segment of the real estate market: Opportunities and Challenges" by the Vietnam Association of Realtors, organizers, experts said, the inadequacies related to the "red book" For condotel is there, by the current law has not specified for this type of real estate.

Land law clearly states that if the land is residential land (apartment, adjoining, villa), it can be used to build houses for sale, subdivision for sale ... The resort area is commercial land, Therefore, only the land is leased and no part of the selling ground such as residential land is allocated.

Hoang Anh, a real estate investor in Hanoi, said, "Ownership has a 50 year term, which is also a limitation of the condotel, as the longer the value goes down. On the other hand, international experts repeatedly warned that the condotel supply is growing too fast compared to tourism potential, there is a risk of multiples. These are the reasons why the condotel buyer before, it is difficult to sell or sell the hole. "

According to Hoang Anh, many investors nowadays buy condotel now, mostly by emotion, buying the feeling of ownership. With a stable tourist market, no breakthroughs, increased supply pressures will lead to room surplus and competition, discounts ... In the long term condotel is difficult to maintain margins as orange The beginning.

The five-star PentStudio "Penthouse Apartment" is located in the Garden of Eden - Phu Thuong - Tay Ho. The project is owned by CTX Holding, with the participation of famous European designer Kaze and the brand management of international 5 stars The Ascott.

"As a condotel owner, I think the PentStudio model has five distinct advantages over comparable condotel projects.

Firstly, the supply of 5 star hotel apartments in Hanoi is quite scarce, unlike the boom of condotel over time

Second, PentStudio is permanently owned. This is a big difference to help property not lose value over time as used condotel.
Third, the project is committed by investors to profit in USD up to 5% per year, for 10 years. In the context of economic changes, the commitment in USD helps me completely peace of mind, not worry about the dong currency devaluation.
Fourth, in case of need to sell, the owner also committed to buy back within 10 years. This is something that certainly 100% condotel projects do not dare to do.
Fifth, PentStudio is developed professionally from the design unit selection, to the international 5 star standard management. This gives me peace of mind in terms of operational efficiency and commitment to profitability that the owner put forward, "Hoang Anh shared.
Experts say that PentStudio has come at the right time and solves the worries of investors who have bought the condotel. Although there are many outstanding advantages, with a project of only 231 "hotel apartments" sold under the cooperation program for rent, it is difficult to meet the demand for large investment leisure on the market. .

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